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We have over 100 international travel communities in different stages of development. We manages the technical infrastructure the HTML, PHP, CSS and updates you request for site, and you manage the articles on the site.

By selling advertisement on your local site, you can live in location for the rest of your life. We are in the process of automating the sales of advertisement on domain. Look to the right of any page, and there is small business card size advertisement ready for partner to sell.

Your site instantly has over 12,000 shared members, as there are over 100 sites sharing the same member base.

Owner / Managers Wanted
We need expatriates living in location to write stories, collect tourist information, take photos, translate pages, and sell advertisements to the local business owners.

Future Tourist Magazine
As domain populates our content management system will allow you to generate a local tourist magazine for distribution.

Each city expatriate franchise cost a one-time fee of 10,000 dollars. American investors living abroad can earn over 90,000 USD and not pay taxes in the USA with form 2555, the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.

Read IRS page:


Call USA number: +1-260-624-4414

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham CEO and Founder
Perpetual World Traveler
Gadget is his Hobo name.
Citizen of United States of America

Andy Graham is a world traveler, who has lived in over 90 countries, and traveler the world perpetually for over 15 years. His travel blog is Top 10 for National Geographic Adventurer,, Budget Travel and 100's more.

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